Open Plan Recycling

Open Plan Recycling

Clean World Foundation has partnered with Method to provide their Open Plan Recycling range.

Open Plan Recycling brings beautiful colour-coded recycling stations out into the open to help your organisation to recycle more and waste less beautifully.

Why Method?

  • Recycling becomes consistent throughout your space making recycling an unconscious habit
  • Beautiful bins that you can be proud to have in your space
  • Bins that are designed for durability & sustainability
  • A modular solution that can meet the needs of your space
  • Reduced waste and costs through better recycling systems

Method Bins

Method Sixty

  • 60L Volume
  • Available in open or touch lids
  • Made from fully recyclable polypropylene, including at least 50% recycled materials
  • Bins are fully recyclable at the end of their long life
  • Perfect for open plan areas, walkways, kitchens, catering areas and large meeting rooms
  • A visible assertion of a Businesses commitment to sustainability
  • Patented Bag Retainer System that holds bin liners in place so they are quick and hygenic to service & hide the liner from view

Method Sixty

Method Twenty

  • 20L Volume
  • Made from fully recyclable polypropylene, including 80% recycled materials
  • Bins are fully recyclable at the end of their long life
  • Perfect for smaller shared spaces such as meeting rooms, kitchenettes
  • A visible assertion of a Businesses commitment to sustainability
  • Patented Bag Retainer System
  • Keep recycling consistent across all of your spaces and eliminate standalone general waste bins

Method Twenty


Designed to match standards across Australia the following streams are currently available. Method’s Sixty Litre bins are available in open or touch (closed) lids. We recommend touch lids for streams that are likely to produce odours or attract fruit flies, like organics or landfill.

If your facility is collecting anything outside of this we can create a custom stream like coffee cups, e-waste or clothing.

Adaptable to Your Needs

Introduce the bins you need where you need them, Method recommends:

  • One 4 – 5 bin station per 30 users
  • Stations should be around a 10-second walk from desks
  • Removal of ALL individual bins to drive recycling rates and reduces contamination
  • Placing additional bins where recyclables are produced eg. a paper bin next to the printer or organics in the kitchen
  • Adapting the bin placement based on user feedback or main waste generation areas

Open plan Recycling encourages behaviour change within the user, providing a positive response & increasing overall education around recycling.

Sixty Litre Bin Connectors

The Connectors are engineered to lock bins in place side-by-side, back-to-back or to a wall.

Available in 2 or 3 bin connectors or use an expansion kit for larger stations. 

Features & Benefits:

  • They’re particularly useful in high traffic areas, and save your cleaning crew time moving bins back into place.
  • Provides the right gap for cleaners changing the liners, enabling efficiency and speed to service
  • One school reported that after implementing the Connectors they reduced their movement & removal of bins by 100%
  • Used to secure vertical signage to the bins for better diversion


Custom Signage / Education Support

  • Signage that connects to the bins to increase understanding for users and cleaning staff
  • Provides communication and education about what can and can’t go in each stream
  • Ability to attach tenants and facilities  logo’s on the left hand/middle side to add a personal touch
  • By reducing contamination, waste costs will come down
  • A large public shopping centre saw the following contamination statistics:

No Signs –  60% Contamination       Vertical Sign  – 15% Contamination

Assembling & Lining the Bins

Method has designed their patented Bag Retainer System to maintain the sleek lines of your recycling bins and stop the bag from hanging out like an untucked shirt.

Method have a practical guide to help you install your Method bins, and you can find video guides and further recycling resources at

We’d love to talk with you about ways in which we can help.

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